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A Deep Dive Into Understanding Types Of Coffee Beans

If you’ve ever found yourself lost in a daydream over a warm cup of coffee, thinking about the art and science behind its flavour and aroma, then you, dear reader, are a true coffee aficionado. 

For such enthusiasts, it’s essential to understand the different types of coffee beans that lead to that perfect cuppa. Allow us to be your guide as you get ready for this quest of discovery to explore the true art behind coffee making. 

The Four Marvels of the Coffee Bean Universe

Let’s explore the different types of coffee beans


Widely regarded as the crème de la crème of coffee beans, Arabica is native to the mountainous regions of Yemen and Ethiopia. With a slightly sweet flavour profile, marked by notes of sugar, fruit, and hints of berries, it’s no wonder that this bean is a global favourite. Arabica beans flourish best when brewed using a drip coffee maker or French press, enhancing their soft and tangy essence.


Second in the popularity contest in types of coffee beans, but by no means any less significant, Robusta beans primarily originate from Africa and Indonesia. They are bolder and more robust in flavour than their Arabica counterpart, often described as woody or nutty. Espresso lovers take note – Robusta’s low acidity and intense flavour make it perfect for your daily shot.


Venturing off the beaten path, we have the Liberica beans, native to West and Central Africa. With a somewhat smoky and woody taste, these beans are known for their full-bodied flavour and slightly floral aroma. To best enjoy Liberica, opt for a cold brew or pour-over method.


Often used to give a tart, fruity profile to coffee blends, Excelsa beans hail from certain parts of Southeast Asia. While they belong to the Liberica family, this type of coffee bean’s distinct taste and character earn them a special mention. A French press or Turkish coffee pot is recommended to capture its complex layers.

With knowledge of these remarkable beans in your arsenal, where might you experience a cup that does them justice?

A Premium Coffee Experience at Café Kantary, Phuket

Enjoy a cuppa at the stunning Café Kantary, Phuket

Imagine exploring different types of coffee beans and sipping your perfect cup of brew whilst gazing upon the tranquil expanse of the Andaman Sea. Welcome to Café Kantary at Kantary Bay Hotel, Phuket’s hidden gem.

A harmonious blend of contemporary design and sheer elegance, our cafe in Phuket is more than just a place to grab a coffee. It’s a sanctuary for those seeking inspiration, whether you’re diving into a work project, catching up with old friends, or simply taking a moment to breathe and reflect. The panoramic ocean views are just the cherry on top.

What’s more, our extensive menu offers a tour through the different types of coffee beans, catering to both the discerning palate and the adventurous soul. From the classic espressos crafted with the finest Robusta beans to the exotic blends featuring Excelsa, every sip promises a journey of discovery. And should you find yourself hungry, an array of gourmet delights awaits to complement your perfect cuppa.

Indulge Your Senses

Whether you’re a resident of the beautiful island of Phuket or a traveller passing through, make sure to carve out a moment for yourself at Café Kantary. Experience the epitome of coffee craftsmanship, all while basking in the serene ambience that only Phuket can offer.

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