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Discover the Useful Room Types of Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel

Our hotel is located on the beautiful Cape Panwa, Phuket

In a world where travellers’ preferences are continuously evolving, the concept of a hotel room has expanded beyond a mere place to sleep. More and more globetrotters now seek accommodations that offer a home away from home, with cooking facilities and an apartment-like ambience. They want the option of preparing their own meals and working or relaxing in their rooms instead of simply returning to four walls and a bed.

Many hotels are offering different types of hotel rooms to entice travellers. They’re offering minimalist hotel rooms, studio-style hotel rooms, connecting rooms, and a variety of suites. But what they need is adding functionality and versatility to the rooms.

Changing Tides: Travellers Seek More in a Hotel Room

Introducing Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel, where the concept of the modern evolution of travel is recognised and appreciated. Our hotel and residence recognises the shifting needs of travellers and goes beyond the traditional hotel experience by offering fully-equipped suites with kitchenettes across its three room types.

Our studio suite offers greater space and functionality

Our Trio of Suites at Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel

We’ve designed our trio of suites to offer full-function refuges to travellers that allow them to stay longer comfortably. Our guests can savour every minute of their stay, from enjoying a morning coffee on the veranda to dining on a meal they’ve easily prepared themselves.

Studio Suite: Versatility and Quality

Unwind in the entertainment area of our studio suite.

Let’s begin with the star of the show. What used to be considered a hotel room in Thailand is now called our Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel Studio Suite with our added functionality and space. Perfectly designed for the solo traveller, a couple, or a small family with a young one travelling with them, these studio suites offer an economical and versatile stay. The sizeable living space is complemented by cooking facilities, making it ideal for those who prefer a more independent and flexible approach to travelling and dining. The split-level design of the suite adds more depth and separation between the sleeping area and the living and cooking area.

The Studio Suite at Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel isn’t just a room; it’s a mini-apartment. Picture a spacious area where you can unwind, cook up a quick meal, or catch up on work. The kitchenette is fully equipped, allowing you to whip up your favourite dishes or prepare a quick snack whenever the mood strikes. Whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely escape, the Studio Suite seamlessly caters to your needs.

One-Bedroom Suite: Spacious Comfort

Moving up in size, our One-Bedroom Suite offers a bit more room to stretch out. Ideal for those who appreciate a separate sleeping and living area, these suites provide a sense of spaciousness while including the modern functional convenience of a kitchenette. The perfect choice for a couple or a small family, this suite type is a delightful balance of comfort and functionality.

Two-Bedroom Suite: Family-Friendly Accommodation

The Two-Bedroom Suite takes the stage for those travelling with a larger family or a group of friends. This option provides a homey atmosphere with two separate bedrooms and a shared living space. The kitchenette facilitates group meals or late-night snacks, ensuring everyone’s needs are met. It’s a family-friendly, spacious residence where everyone can enjoy their space while staying connected.

The Convenience and Comfort of a Kitchenettes in Every Suite

What sets Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel apart is its commitment to providing kitchenettes in all its suite types. No matter the size of your accommodation, you can expect the convenience of having a kitchenette at your disposal.

Studio Suite: Your Gateway to Versatility

While other hotels struggle to meet the expectations of their guests in providing the types of hotel rooms they desire, all the suite types at Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel offer unique advantages, with the Studio Suite standing out as the most versatile and economical choice. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a small family with a little one, the Studio Suite ticks all the boxes of space, functionality and lower prices. Enjoy the larger living space, relish the convenience of cooking facilities, and experience the freedom to tailor your stay according to your preferences.

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Stroll the endless beaches of Cape Panwa

As you plan your next adventure, consider the Studio Suite at Kantary Bay Phuket Hotel. Book your Studio Suite now and discover a new accommodation dimension that aligns with your modern travel sensibilities.