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Long-term business travellers have unique needs.

What is Long-term Travel?

More people are discovering the benefits and advantages of long-term travel instead of going home after just a few days or a week. Many hotels in Phuket have also noticed the growing trend of people booking long-term stays on the island. 

For sightseers and tourists, the benefits include cultural immersion, personal growth, and an expanded worldview. Long-term travel enables travellers to enjoy their time in a region without feeling rushed to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. They can relax and explore a location at their leisure, soak up the atmosphere, and feel like they truly got to know a destination. 

Business Benefits

For business travellers, there are many advantages of long-term travel, both financial and practical. From a financial standpoint, it’s often less expensive to send a company representative to a foreign country or continent and have them visit several offices on the same trip instead of bringing them all the way back home between office visits.  

Long-term travel advantages also include allowing the rep to develop more of a working relationship with the people they’re visiting and gain more of an honest appraisal of how the foreign office functions. It allows the rep a bit more of an opportunity to “peek behind the curtains” by being in the office for a few weeks instead of a few days. The long-term business traveller also has the opportunity to conduct a series of training sessions, seminars or classes when they’re in one region for a few weeks at a time. 

Downsides of Long-term Travel

But for all the advantages of long-term travel for both pleasure and business travellers, being away from home for weeks or months at a time can also take a toll. 

Both long-term pleasure and business travellers can start to miss the comforts of home, especially the food. They often tire of having to eat all their meals in restaurants and long to come back to their own kitchen after a long day and prepare comfort food that reminds them of home. 

Returning to a single room of four walls and a bed can also get depressing after weeks of travel. Many visitors would prefer to stretch out in a comfortable living area, put their feet up and feel like they’re in the comfort of their own homes.

Food and laundry expenses can also add up quickly, especially for business travellers who have to maintain office attire. For both pleasure and business guests, the chance to take care of your food and laundry yourself by booking accommodation with a kitchenette and laundry facilities has a definite appeal.

Long-term pleasure travellers want comfort.

Responding to the Needs of Long-term Visitors

Even the smallest suite at the Kantary Hotel Phuket is 50 sqm. The studio suite features a living area with a wide-screen TV, DVD player and stereo, a spacious balcony, and a convenient kitchenette. There are also one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites at the Kantary Hotel that are ideal for a retired couple on an extended holiday or a small family making the most of the school summer break. 

The suites are designed to provide guests with everything they need for months or more. They offer walk-in showers and separate bathtubs, a full range of linen and towels, a hair dryer, and a washing machine so guests can save money on laundry expenses. 

The kitchenette is equipped with kitchenware and standard appliances, including tea and coffee makers. The suites’ amenities enable long-stay guests to cook their own breakfasts, lunches or dinners and enjoy them at their leisure out on the balcony.

Book a Long Stay at The Kantary Hotel Phuket

As more and more hotels notice the long-term travel trend, you can expect them to raise the level of their accommodation and provide for their long-term guests. But for now, the Kantary Hotel Phuket is one of the few hotels in Phuket providing comfortable and spacious studios, and one and two-bedroom suites for long-term travellers to enjoy. Book your long stay hotel suite in Phuket today.